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Aging Services’s mission is to support older adults living with memory impairment and their families by using the latest, data-driven research and collaborating with memory care experts to provide resources that are accessible to all who are in need with a location based methodology. Whether you are in the early stages of memory or cognitive impairment or care for a loved one in the later stages, has tools to help.


Eligibility Requirements

Residents Who May Be Admitted

Older adults and people with:

  • Dementia
  • Mental health conditions
  • Developmental disabilities
  • Physical disabilities

Residents Who May NOT Be Admitted

Those who require:

  • More than intermittent nursing care
  • Treatment of certain skin ulcers
  • Ventilator treatments
  • Skilled monitoring, testing and close monitoring and adjustment of medications
  • Monitoring of a chronic condition that is not easily controllable
  • Treatment for certain communicable diseases

And those who:

  • Are a danger to self or others
  • Are at risk for health or safety complications that cannot be adequately managed

Locations and Contacts

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