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VA Center for Development and Civic Engagement

VA Volunteer drivers are needed to help veterans make their medical appointments.

Changes in the level of funding for the Beneficiary Travel program led the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to accept alternative options for transportation of eligible veterans seeking VA services.  VTN was established to provide needed transportation for veterans seeking services from a VA facility and/or authorized facility.  VTN guidelines permit volunteer participation in providing transportation to veterans using a volunteer’s privately-owned conveyance or a government-owned vehicle, including donated vehicles, county vehicles, DAV Department (State) or Chapter (local) vehicles, public transportation and contracted transportation.

If you would like further information regarding the Volunteer Transportation Network, you can complete and submit the form on the Volunteer or Donate page.  Someone from the local VAVS office will contact you with further information.

Eligibility Requirements

Locations and Contacts

Last updated: 15/06/2022 14:53