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Commuter Resources

Motor Vehicle Administration

Full service locations, providing parking permits, handicap placards or license plates to individuals with a disability. A doctor must sign a…
410-768-7000, 1-800-950-1682
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Medical Transportation

AAA, Medical Transportation

Ambulance transportation for clients with severe medical needs such as life support, neo-natal intensive care, etc. All appropriate…
301-952-1193, 301-933-4357
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Medical Assistance Transportation (Federal Medical Assistance)

Transportation to medical services in Calvert County or hospital clinics in Washington, D.C or Baltimore.  Calvert Crisis Response Hotline 1-877-467-5628

410-414-2489, 410-535-5400
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Public Transportation

Calvert County Public Transportation

Provides public transportation service on a fixed route throughout the county and provides specialized transportation for the frail…
410-535-1600 ext. 2360, 410-535-4510
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Transportation Assistance Program (TAP)

Life without a car can be difficult at best and unmanageable at worst. For low-income families across Maryland, especially recipients of funds from the …

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Transportation Providers

Smart Ride, Inc.

Transportation services for business executives, wedding guest, medical clients, politicians, airport travelers, and the elderly. We offer wheelchair accessible vehicles, along with cards and vans…
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Automobiles and Adaptive Equipment

If you have a service-connected disability that prevents you from driving, we may pay up to $25,603.02 toward a specially equipped vehicle for you; additionally, VA will pay for…

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