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Adult Guardianship

Adult Care

Adult guardianship is a legal procedure in which a court appoints a guardian to act on behalf of an individual with severe impairments who is unable to manage their own care or property. This procedure determines that a person has severe impairments that affect that person’s ability to make decisions, is in need of protection, and that a less restrictive alternative does not exist. A guardian is court-appointed to ensure that the person’s basic needs are met and their property is safeguarded.

Private guardianship of family member: Contact your own lawyer.

Public guardianship (persons under 65): Department of Social Services, 443-550-6900

Public guardianship (persons over 65): Call the Office on Aging, 410-535-4606/301-855-1170.

Eligibility Requirements

Locations and Contacts

Last updated: 11/07/2023 09:28