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Calvert County Department of Parks and Recreation

Overview: The Department of Parks & Recreation is in the business of planning, developing, implementing and professionally managing the parks, programs, policies and procedures, facilities, special events and leisure services established under the leadership of the Board of County Commissioners, County Administrator, Parks Administration, and the associated advisory boards of Calvert County. This department sponsors numerous special interest activities and classes and physical activity classes. Costs vary according to activity.

Mission: In partnership with Calvert County residents, the Department of Parks & Recreation cultivates programs, parks and services that positively impact quality of life; preserve natural and cultural resources; promote economic stability; and satisfy community needs for opportunities in recreation, wellness, knowledge, and connecting with nature.

Vision: The Calvert County Department of Parks & Recreation strives to enhance the health, economy and well-being of our community through sustainable practices, leisure opportunities and environmental stewardship.

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