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Maryland Coalition of Families

Maryland Coalition of Families (MCF) helps families who care for someone with behavioral health needs. Using personal experience as parents, caregivers, youth and other loved ones, we connect, support and empower Maryland’s families. Our staff provide one-to-one support to parents and caregivers of young people with mental health issues and to any loved one who cares for someone with a substance use or gambling issue. 

MCF empowers parents, caregivers, youth and other loved ones by: 

  • Helping them navigate services and systems
  • Providing them with tools to advocate
  • Connecting parents, caregivers, young people and other loved ones to each other
  • Ensuring their voice and perspective is heard 
  • Raising public awareness and fighting stigma

Eligibility Requirements

MCF provides family peer support to all families free of charge.

Locations and Contacts

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