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About was the brainchild of the Calvert County community, with staff from local agencies, recipients of local services, citizen advocates, and local leaders believing in an idea and seeing it through to execution.


Multiple government and nonprofit organizations update and distribute program-specific resource directories in print format, but before the ink dries on the page, something needs to be updated. In its Needs Assessment of the Governor’s Strategic Goal Areas, the Local Management Board (LMB) identified a need for a more general resource guide to promote a shared understanding of resources in our county and improved collaboration. Members of the LMB and the Interagency Council for Children and Families decided a cloud-based, mobile-friendly resource website for both service providers and community members would allow for real-time information, improve access to services, and empower citizens to more effectively address their human resources needs. The LMB secured funding from the Governor’s Office for Crime Prevention, Victim and Youth Services to develop the website.

Mom and Daughter

Calvert County Family Network, Calvert County Health Department, Calvert Library, Calvert County Public Schools, and CalvertHealth collaborated to make this site a reality and continue to support its maintenance.