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Coming Home Project

Offers free counseling in Northern California; provides information and referral services to others. Offers group support and stress management retreats; they are free, confidential, and scholarships are offered for travel and lodging for those outside of San Francisco.

A California-based non-profit organization that provides expert consultation for community-based organizations that address collective and individual trauma. and serves communities that promote social, economic, racial and environmental justice, helping participants, employees and leaders with custom-designed, culturally sensitive, integrative training that enhances wellbeing, builds self-care skills, counteracts compassion fatigue and burnout, and promotes collaboration, success, and sustainability. Workshops based on the integrative Coming Home model for mental health professionals and related service providers working with trauma.

Ten years experience providing leading-edge integrative trauma care, and broad expertise in post-traumatic stress, wellness, and in cultivating and sustaining communities of healing, learning, and resistance.

Eligibility Requirements

Locations and Contacts

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