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University of MD Dental School- Pediatric Clinic

At University of Maryland’s Pediatric Dental Clinic, our pediatric dental specialists focus on the oral health and unique dental needs of children up to 18 years of age, including children with special needs.

The Pediatric Dental Clinic provides affordable, comprehensive dental services for children that help:

  • Improve your child’s smile & appearance
  • Prevent cavities/tooth decay & gum disease
  • Improve overall oral health

The Pediatric Dental Clinic includes both pre-doctoral and post-doctoral services, including:

  • Dental services for children & adolescents
  • Dental services for children with special needs
  • Additional services (e.g., emergency dental care, sedation, & general anesthesia)

Typically, services in the Pediatric Dental Clinic are provided by third- and fourth-year dental students (pre-doctoral students) under the close supervision of experienced faculty dentists. Patients receive high quality dental care at fees that are significantly lower than private dental practices.

Eligibility Requirements

Please call for cost information. 

Locations and Contacts

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